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Ignorance is NOT Bliss!!! Knowledge is the best weapon for your defense and unfortunately a bunch of flippin fascists have hijacked the USA claiming they're all for "freedom and liberty" and claiming how superior they are in the "knowledge department" as well this "freedom and liberty business" but sure are determined the rights of the common worker's right to a living wage. a woman's reproductive rights, equal pay in the workplace, placing severe restrictions on voting rights to certain groups of people, bankrupting the USPS into oblivion, and seeing that the government should "be there for the people rather then a useless entity to be controlled by the corporate state" which is what our Constitution was written to avoid when it wanted a more centralized government to begin with and provide specific services to the people of this country as well as being a functional governing body that it has not been able to be starved of revenue. Our government is to serve our needs as well as we are to serve our country. Only then can the USA be strong, united and ALL of us THRIVE for the better. Greed has taken over and the USA is fast becoming a plutocracy for a few who insist on rewriting our Constitution into the Articles of Confederation and installing religious dominance in that document as well redefining the basis on how it was written. The Constitutiuon was never written based on anyone's religion or bias but the opposite as the USA is a country where freedom from all of that was what our Founders intended...For people to be and though this took some time to conquer when it came to owning slaves-WE DID...when it came to women being allowed to vote-we DID...when it came to labour coming out of the sweatshops and child labour being outawed-we DID. Let us not GO BACK. Nor can we allow persecution of other religions as well persecution of those who do not practice a faith and in this country we have succeeded in doing JUST that in some states by banning atheists from being allowed to serve in public office when the Law of the Land says otherwise...we still have some way to go and while I am a 2nd Amendment liberal-I also remember there is the part about a "well regualted milita". Far to many have let this go bye bye and think 2nd amendment rights go hand in hand with being able to own your own arsenal and just mentioning responsible gun laws is sacrilege against "the culture of our society". I carry and I don't think way. If you're not a crook then you should'nt have a problem with getting this obvious problem in our country "under control" because it IS a PROBLEM. We also need to get serious about not denying the issues facing our planet anymore. Let's FIX what we can by changing our attitudes about energy usage and the damage we inflict on the only earth we have. I have always conserved, been a steward of the earth because it is the right thing to do. We all should.